ISO 9001 certified - quality guaranteed!

Rising standards: As the art of drumming continually improves and the dynamic range of performers increases, so the demands on the instrument steadily grow. As the skills of the customers become finer, so the drum builder must make sure that the drum is not the weakest link. In fact the reverse: the drummer needs to be supported, inspired and even motivated by his instrument.

Due to the growing variety of materials, new possibilities in design and continual technical development, our range of drums is constantly being expanded. Our customers expect quick delivery times and we aim to fulfill them, even in case of bespoke orders. Our customers have not only grown in number in recent years, but also in geographic range, from Stockholm to Rome.

Professionalism needed: To meet these increased demands in planning, warehousing, production of the components and assembly, Schlebach AG has developed a management and quality system according to ISO 9001.

With the certification of the system by the company SQS in December 2007 (Reg. CH-34400) Schlebach AG acquired a neutral, internationally recognized proof of its quality control. The SQS certificate enjoys a high reputation and acceptance worldwide.

All-round benefits: Thanks to this new, more efficient way of working, we can make sure we recognize and fulfill the needs of our customers today and in the future

With its certified management and quality system, Schlebach AG guarantees a balanced price / performance ratio with the highest quality and the shortest delivery times. We’re easy to reach, and friendly, competent advice come as Standard.